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Cecilie Meltzer

Cecilie Meltzer


With an educational background as an artist, art psychotherapist, and teacher in special education, I’ve been especially interested in the interface between these practice fields; fields that deal with the issue of being in touch with one’s own creativity, one’s opportunity for development through creative activity, and the learning process that occurs during the course of this work. My experience from working with various teaching, learning and supervision styles both at the course in Creative Communications and in other fields of study has confirmed the value of a teaching method that includes arts-based learning as a methodological tool in professional educational courses. I’ve found that this form of learning can enhance the learning process, release latent resources and opportunities, and help clarify what restricts and hinders development and change.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Other subjects within education   Education   Special needs education

Subject areas

Action research   Creativity   Experiencial learning   Art and craft   Art   Visual Art   Artbased learning   Arts-based action research   Confluent pedagogics

Scientific publications

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