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Erik Arntzen

Erik Arntzen

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Scientific publications

Ljusic, Nikola; Fagerstrøm, Asle ; Sigurdsson, Valdimar; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Information, ingestion, and impulsivity: The impact of technology-enabled healthy food labels on online grocery shopping in impulsive and non-impulsive consumers. Frontiers in Nutrition. Vol. 10.

Fields, Lanny; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Meaningful Stimuli and Equivalence Classes: The Intersection of Hedonics, Connotative, Denotative, and Discriminative Functions. The Psychological Record.

Steingrimsdottir, Hanna S ; Vilhjálmsdóttir, Elva Ósk; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Discrimination and equivalence class formation in adults using non-differential and differential consequences. European Journal of Behavior Analysis (EJOBA). Vol. 24.

Braaten, Live Fay ; Arntzen, Erik (2023). The effect of meaningful stimuli on eye movements in stimulus equivalence class formation. European Journal of Behavior Analysis (EJOBA).

Alonso-Vega, Jesús; Froxán-Parga, María Xesús; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Equivalence Class Formation in Adults with Severe Behavioral Problems. 12 p. The Psychological Record. Vol. 73.

Tovar, Ángel Eugenio; Torres-Chávez, Álvaro; Abolpour Mofrad, Asieh; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Computational models of stimulus equivalence: An intersection for the study of symbolic behavior. Journal of The Experimental Analysis of Behavior. Vol. 119.

Regaço, Alceu; Zapparoli, Heloisa R.; Aggio, Natalia M.; Silveira, Marcelo Vitor; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Maintenance of Stimulus Equivalence Classes: A Bibliographic Review. The Psychological Record. Vol. 73.

Pawar, Sanchit; Fagerstrøm, Asle ; Sigurdsson, Valdimar; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Analyzing motivating functions of consumer behavior: Evidence from attention and neural responses to choices and consumption. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 14.

Brogård-Antonsen, Anette ; Arntzen, Erik (2023). Use of Conditional-Discrimination Training in Remembering Relatives in a Man with Alzheimer’s Disease. 12 p. Revista Internacional de Psicologia y Terapia Psicológica. Vol. 23.

Granerud, Guro; Elvsåshagen, Torbjørn; Arntzen, Erik ; Juhasz, Katalin; Emilsen, Nina Merete; Sønderby, Ida Elken; Nærland, Terje; Malt, Eva Albertsen (2022). A family study of symbolic learning and synaptic plasticity in autism spectrum disorder. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Vol. 16.

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