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Elian Eve Jentoft

Elian Eve Jentoft

Fields of study

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Other subjects within psychology   Cognitive psychology   Women's and gender studies   Community medicine, social medicine   Social anthropology

Subject areas

Aging   Gender Identity   Health policy   Social Politics   Cognitive neuroscience   Public Health   Communication technology   Queertheory   Loneliness   Social work   Aging and health   Global mental health   Ehealth   Transgender studies


North America   Southeast Asia   Western Europe   The Nordic Countries

Research projects

Publications and research


Jentoft, Elian Eve (2022). Engaging with Under the Surface at Surface Level or What Happens When Nobody Knows It’s a Game?. Narrascope 2022. Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation.

Jentoft, Elian Eve (2022). Under the Surface / Who in the Hell is Axel Lundén.

Jentoft, Elian Eve (2022). Jeg er ensom, og jeg er ikke alene.

Jentoft, Elian Eve (2022). ‘Society Is Growing Colder’: Loneliness Problematized in a Nordic Welfare State. International Symposium on Critical Policy Studies: Exploring the Premises and Politics of Carol Bacchi's WPR Approach. Karlstads Universitet.

Jentoft, Elian Eve (2022). ‘Society Is Growing Colder’: Loneliness Problematized in a Nordic Welfare State. 30th Nordic Sociological Association Conference. Nordic Sociological Association.

Jentoft, Elian Eve (2022). “The Way Out of Loneliness is Digital”: Discourses on elderly non-users and digital inclusion measures in loneliness policy in Norway and the UK. EASST 2022 Conference. European Association for the Study of Science and Technology.

Brendmo, Elanor Halvorsen; Bromseth, Janne; Engebretsen, Elisabeth L.; Gressgård, Randi; Gross, Lena; Jentoft, Elian Eve; Stubberud, Elisabeth (2022). Kjønnsidentitet som kampsak. Klassekampen.

Jentoft, Elian Eve (2020). Misvisende om kjønnsbekreftende behandling. VG : Verdens gang.



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