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Marit Haldar

Marit Haldar


Marit Haldar, Phd in sociology, is professor at Oslo Metropolitan University and director of CEDIC (Centre for the study of digitalization of public services and citizenship). Important themes in her research are childhood, the elderly, gender, family, social inequality, social isolation and tele-presence. Equality and vulnerable subjects in the welfare state and health care system are primary concerns of her research. Her overall studies of normality and cultural perceptions of deviance have contributed to new understanding of what creates social inequality. Haldar has developed a novel methodological approach to qualitative research which is acclaimed in international methodology literature (see Silverman, D. 2011, "Interpreting qualitative data", 4th ed. London: Sage). She has also participated in several cross-diciplinary research projects, most notably the project “Disease prestige and informal priority settings” and “Teddy-diaries, cross-cultural conceptions of childhood” which resulted in several important publications.
Haldar holds numerous distinguished positions and responsibilities, including as:
• Project manager of VIRTUAL PRESENCE, A cultural analysis of the emergence of 'telepresence technologies' as a solution to loneliness, funded by the Research Council of Norway
• Head of the interdisciplinary research group Welfare Access Through Technology (WATT)
• President of Norwegian Sociological Association.
• Chairman of Norwegian Sociological Journal
• Member of the Hans L. Zetterberg prize in Sociology committee – Sweden
• Winner of “The best researcher of the year 2019” at Oslo Metropolitan University
• Nominated as outstanding lecture by Morgenbladet (newspaper) (2016)

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Social sciences   Sociology

Subject areas

Qualitative research   Power   Medical Sociology   Gender   Sociology of childhood   Method of analysis   Telecare

Research projects

Scientific publications

Haldar, Marit; Ødemark, John; Engebretsen, Eivind (2020). Helseprioriteringer i endring. Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift . Vol. 37.

Haldar, Marit; Røsvik, Kjersti (2020). Family as text: Gendered parenthood and family display through home-school-correspondence in Norway. Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography .

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Haldar, Marit; Engebretsen, Eivind; Album, Dag (2016). Legitimating the illegitimate: How doctors manage their knowledge of the prestige of diseases. Health . Vol. 20.

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