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Maja Nordtug

Maja Nordtug

Scientific publications

Nordtug, Maja; Haldar, Marit (2023). Ethics Beyond the Checklist: Fruitful Dilemmas Before, During, and After Data Collection. Qualitative Inquiry .

Nordtug, Maja (2022). Messy map-interviews: et kvalitativt interviewværktøj, når man bevæger sig i fremmed terræn. Grønning, Anette; Lundtofte, Thomas Enemark; Walther, Bo Kampmann (Ed.). Medievidenskab - metoder og teorier. 2. p. 39-52. Syddansk Universitetsforlag.

Nordtug, Maja; Assing Hvidt, Elisabeth; Lüchau, Elle Christine; Grønning, Anette (2022). General Practitioners’ Experiences of Professional Uncertainties Emerging from the Introduction of Video Consultations in General Practice: Qualitative Study. JMIR Formative Research . Vol. 6.

Nordtug, Maja (2022). Using messy map interviews to describe and analyse elements pertinent to interviewees. Qualitative Research .

Nordtug, Maja (2022). How Perceptions of Responsibility and Affective Consequences Influence Parents’ Digital Media Engagement in Relation to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination. Qualitative Health Research . Vol. 32.

Nordtug, Maja; Møller, Jane Ege; Matthiesen, Signe Schlichting; Nisbeth Brøgger, Matilde (2021). Oralizations in e-mail consultations: A study of general practitioners’ use of non-verbal cues in written doctor‐patient communication. Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies .

Nordtug, Maja; Nisbeth Brøgger, Matilde; Møller, Jane Ege (2021). “Therefore, I would like an allergy test”: Responsibly conducting a healthy body though the e-consultation platform. Mediekultur .

Nordtug, Maja (2021). Who knows best? Health risks and digital media engagement in Discourses relating to human papillomavirus vaccination. Sociology of Health and Illness .

Nordtug, Maja (2020). Creating opportunities for digital engagement and participation. Mediekultur .

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