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Alejandro Miranda Nieto

Alejandro Miranda Nieto


Alejandro Miranda-Nieto is Head of the academic unit Service organization and innovation in social work and child welfare at the Department of Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Policy at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway. His research focuses on the relationship between social practice, home and various forms of mobility, migration and social change. He is also interested in the development of innovative research methods, such as mobile ethnographic techniques and perspectives. He is the author of academic articles on home, migration, musical practice and ethnography. His monograph Musical Mobilities has been published in the Routledge Advances in Ethnography series and the co-authored book Ethnographies of Home and Mobility in the Routledge Home series.

Scientific publications

Nieto, Alejandro Miranda (2023). Shared Flats in Madrid: Accessing and Analysing Migrants’ Sense of Home. Bocagni, Paolo; Bonfanti, Sara (Ed.). Migration and Domestic Space Ethnographies of Home in the Making. p. 85-100. Springer Nature.

Lenhard, Johannes; Coulomb, Laureline; Nieto, Alejandro Miranda (2022). Home making without a home: dwelling practices and routines among people experiencing homelessness. Housing Studies.

Boccagni, Paolo; Nieto, Alejandro Miranda (2022). Home in question: Uncovering meanings, desires and dilemmas of non-home. European Journal of Cultural Studies.

Nieto, Alejandro Miranda ; Massa, Aurora; Bonfanti, Sara (2020). Ethnographies of Home and Mobility: Shifting Roofs. ISBN: 9781003085300. 196 p. Routledge.

Nieto, Alejandro Miranda ; Boccagni, Paolo (2020). At Home in the Restaurant: Familiarity, Belonging and Material Culture in Ecuadorian Restaurants in Madrid. Sociology.

Bonfanti, Sara; Massa, Aurora; Nieto, Alejandro Miranda (2019). Whiffs of home. Ethnographic comparison in a collaborative research study across European cities. Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa.

Nieto, Alejandro Miranda (2017). Movement, Practice, and a Musical Tradition between Mexico and the United States. Transfers Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies.

Nieto, Alejandro Miranda (2017). Musical Mobilities: Son Jarocho and the Circulation of Tradition Across Mexico and the United States. ISBN: 9781315231150. 162 p. Routledge.

Nieto, Alejandro Miranda (2016). Journeying with a musical practice : Existential mobility and transnational labour. Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal (MCSJ).

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