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Lars E. F. Johannessen

Lars E. F. Johannessen


Lars Johannessen is a sociologist with research on professions, culture and micro interaction. He has done several ethnographic studies of health and social care, including a PhD on the relationship between discretion and standardization in the decision making of healthcare professionals. Johannessen has extensive experience with qualitative methods and analysis, and he is one of the authors behind the book “How to use theory: Useful tools in qualitative analysis” (“Hvordan bruke teori? Nyttige verktøy i kvalitativ analyse).

Johannessen is now working on a study of AV1 – a robot for children with long-term illness, which is meant to be the child’s eyes, ears and voice in the classroom. The project finds inspiration in cultural sociology and science and technology studies, and explores the development, marketing, implementation and effects of the robot.

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Subject areas

Sociology of culture   Ethnography   Standardisation   Qualitative methods   Primary care out-of-hours services   Medical sociology   Autonomy and discretion   Symbolic interaction   Science and technology studies

Research projects

Scientific publications

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