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Lars E. F. Johannessen

Lars E. F. Johannessen


Lars Johannessen is a sociologist with research on professions, culture and micro interaction. He has done several ethnographic studies of health and social care, including a PhD on the relationship between discretion and standardization in the decision making of healthcare professionals. Johannessen has extensive experience with qualitative methods and analysis, and he is one of the authors behind the book “How to use theory: Useful tools in qualitative analysis” (“Hvordan bruke teori? Nyttige verktøy i kvalitativ analyse).

Johannessen is now working on a study of AV1 – a robot for children with long-term illness, which is meant to be the child’s eyes, ears and voice in the classroom. The project finds inspiration in cultural sociology and science and technology studies, and explores the development, marketing, implementation and effects of the robot.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Information and communication technology   Media studies and journalism   Sociology

Subject areas

Rituals   Sociology of culture   Theory of Science   Sociology of knowledge   Ethnography   Medical Sociology   Standardisation   Qualitative methods   Communication technology   Digital Culture   Digitalization   Science and Technology Studies   Medical sociology   Science and technology studies   Power and social prestige   Autonomy and discretion   Symbolic interaction   Science and technology studies   Theorization   Expertise

Research projects

Scientific publications

Johannessen, Lars E. F. ; Rasmussen, Erik Børve (2024). Intervjuer på Teams og telefon: Hva slags data gir medierte intervjuer?. Leseth, Anne Birgitte; Mangset, Marte; Nordberg, Tanja Haraldsdottir; Ihlebæk, Hanna Marie (Ed.). Tett på profesjon, arbeid og politikk: Kvalitative metodeutfordringer og verktøy for å løse dem. p. 69-89. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Johannessen, Lars E. F. (2023). Interaction rituals and technology: A review essay. Poetics.

Johannessen, Lars E. F. (2023). Anticipated affordances: Understanding early reactions to new technologies. New Media & Society.

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Johannessen, Lars E. F. ; Rasmussen, Erik Børve ; Haldar, Marit (2023). Educational purity and technological danger: understanding scepticism towards the use of telepresence robots in school. British Journal of Sociology of Education. Vol. 44.

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Johannessen, Lars E. F. ; Rasmussen, Erik Børve ; Haldar, Marit (2022). Student at a distance: exploring the potential and prerequisites of using telepresence robots in schools. Oxford Review of Education.

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