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Gry Sagli

Gry Sagli

Scientific publications

Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana; Sagli, Gry (2023). Training public service providers in how to communicate via interpreter. Gavioli, Laura; Wadensjö, Cecilia (Ed.). The Routledge Handbook of Public Service Interpreting. 24. Routledge.

Sagli, Gry; Skaaden, Hanne (2023). Blended learning is here to stay! Combining on-line and on-campus learning in the education of public service interpreters. Gavioli, Laura; Wadensjö, Cecilia (Ed.). The Routledge Handbook of Public Service Interpreting. 21. p. 325-342. Routledge.

Sagli, Gry; Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2022). Hvilken kropp? Tolkefaget i samtale med medisinsk antropologi. Dahnberg, Magnus; Lindqvist, Yvonne (Ed.). Tango för tre: en dansant festskrift till Cecilia Wadensjö. Kap 1 i del 1. p. 17-27. Stockholms universitets förlag.

Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana; Sagli, Gry (2019). Training Public Service Employees in How to Communicate Via Interpreter in Norway: Achievements and Challenges / Formación de los empleados de los servicios públicos sobre cómo comunicarse a través de los intérpretes en Noruega: Logros y desafíos. FITISPos-International Journal (FITISPos-IJ) . Vol. 6.

Sagli, Gry (2017). Attentiveness to Nature in Learning Qigong in Norway. Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity . Vol. 12.

Hofer, Theresia; Sagli, Gry (2017). `Civilising’ Deaf people in Tibet and Inner Mongolia: governing linguistic, ethnic and bodily difference in China. Disability & Society . Vol. 32.

Sagli, Gry (2015). Når trenger jeg å tilkalle tolk? Forskning om tolking i helsetjenesten. FLEKS - Scandinavian Journal of Intercultural Theory and practice . Vol. 2.

Sagli, Gry; Zhang, JInming; Ingstad, Benedicte; Fjeld, Heidi E (2012). Poverty and disabled households in the People’s Republic of China: experiences with a new rural health insurance scheme. Disability & Society . Vol. 28.

Fjeld, Heidi E; Sagli, Gry (2011). Disability, poverty and health care: Changes in the canji (‘disability’) policies in the history of the People’s Republic of China. Eide, Arne Henning; Ingstad, Benedicte (Ed.). Disability and poverty. A global challenge. Kapittel. p. 31-54. Policy Press.

Sagli, Gry (2010). The establishing of Chinese medical concepts in Norwegian acupuncture schools: the cultural translation of jingluo('circulation tracts'). Anthropology & Medicine . Vol. 17.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete