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Tatjana Radanovic Felberg

Tatjana Radanovic Felberg

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Other Slavic languages   Other subjects within linguistics   Applied linguistics

Subject areas

Discourse analysis   Intercultural communication   Public Service Interpreting   Ethnicity and interpreting   Interpreter users' training   Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian   Impoliteness   Multimodal approach to interpreting

Scientific publications

Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana; Sagli, Gry (2019). Training Public Service Employees in How to Communicate Via Interpreter in Norway: Achievements and Challenges / Formación de los empleados de los servicios públicos sobre cómo comunicarse a través de los intérpretes en Noruega: Logros y desafíos. FITISPos-International Journal (FITISPos-IJ) . Vol. 6.

Saric, Ljiljana; Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2019). Representations of the 2015/2016 “migrant crisis” on the online portals of Croatian and Serbian public broadcasters. Viola, Lorella; Musolff, Andreas (Ed.). Migration and Media. Discourses about Identities in Crisis. 9. p. 203-238. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana; Saric, Ljiljana (2017). Interpreting impoliteness: Interpreters’ voices. FLEKS - Scandinavian Journal of Intercultural Theory and practice . Vol. 4.

Nilsen, Anne Birgitta; Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2017). Exploring Semiotic Resources in Sight Translation. Journal of Specialised Translation .

Saric, Ljiljana; Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2017). “Cyrillic Does Not Kill”: Symbols, Identity, and Memory in Croatian Public Discourse. Druzboslovne razprave . Vol. 85.

Saric, Ljiljana; Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2017). In Transit: Representations of Migration on the Balkan Route. Discourse Analysis of Croatian and Serbian Public Broadcasters (RTS and HRT Online). Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict . Vol. 5.

Saric, Ljiljana; Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2017). Realizations and functions of impoliteness in discourse about language and identity in Croatian and Montenegrin media. Baczkowska, Anna (Ed.). Impoliteness in Media Discourse. 3. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2016). Towards a Unified Model for Interpreter User Training in Communication via an Interpreter: The Norwegian Experience. Munyangeyo, Théophile; Webb, Graham; Rabadán-Gómez, Marina (Ed.). Challenges and Opportunities in Public Service Interpreting. Chapter 5. p. 135-156. Palgrave Macmillan.

Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2016). Impoliteness - a challenge to interpreters' professionalism. 20 p. FLEKS - Scandinavian Journal of Intercultural Theory and practice . Vol. 3.

Saric, Ljiljana; Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (2015). Means of Expressing and Implying Emotions and Impoliteness in Croatian and Montenegrin Public Discourse. Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne .

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