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Randi Havnen

Randi Havnen

Scientific publications

Havnen, Randi (2021). Fight for focus: attention and agency in sight-translated interaction. 18 p. Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice .

Havnen, Randi (2020). Where did the footnote go? How the change of mode in sight translation affects meaning-making. Journal of Specialised Translation .

Nilsen, Anne Birgitta; Havnen, Randi (2019). Sight Translation: Best Practices in Healthcare and in Training. de V. Souza, Izabel E.T.; Fragkou, Effrossyni (Ed.). Handbook of Research on Medical Interpreting. Chapter 16. p. 375-396. IGI Global.

Havnen, Randi (2019). Multimodal and interactional aspects of sight translation – A critical review. FITISPos-International Journal (FITISPos-IJ) . Vol. 6.

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