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Hanne Cecilie Geirbo

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Duda, Ewa; Anacka, Helena; Kowal, Jolanta; Nowakowska, Iwona; Obracht-Prondzyńska, Hanna; Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie; Radziszewski, Kacper; Romanowska, Małgorzata; Wyciszkiewicz, Aleksandra; Zawieska, Jakub (2023). Encouraging Pro-environmental Behaviour Through an Educational Mobile Application: Preliminary Insights from Early Adopters. International Journal of Pedagogy, Innovation and New Technologies. Vol. 10.

Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie; Pettersen, Ida Nilstad (2023). ‘There’s a Strong Green Wind Blowing’. Drawing the Politics of Street Trees in Practice. Edwards, Ferne Leigh; Popartan, Lucia Alexandra; Pettersen, Ida Nilstad (Ed.). Urban Natures: Living the More-than-Human City. p. 277-292. Berghahn Books.

Hoelscher, Kristian; Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie; Harboe, Lisbet; Petersen, Sobah Abbas (2022). What Can We Learn from Urban Crisis?. Sustainability. Vol. 14.

Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie; Harboe, Lisbet; Hoelscher, Kristian; Petersen, Sobah Abbas (2022). Interpretive Flexibility as an Approach to Designing Inclusive Urban Space: Learning from Medellín and Beirut. Nordic Journal of Urban Studies. Vol. 2.

Harboe, Lisbet; Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie (2021). Interdisciplinarity on site: Exploring the urban interventions ‘Unidades de Vida Articulada’ in Medellín. Stender, Marie; Bech-Danielson, Claus; Hagen, Aina Landsverk (Ed.). Architectural Anthropology: Exploring Lived Space. p. 109-121. Routledge.

Pettersen, Ida Nilstad; Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie; Johnsrud, Hanne (2018). The tree as method: co-creating with urban ecosystems. Huybrechts, Liesbeth; Teli, Maurizio; Light, Ann; Lee, Yanki; Di Salvo, Carl; Grönvall, Erik (Ed.). Proceedings of the 15th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Situated Actions, Workshops and Tutorial - Volume 2. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Baker, Karen S.; Botero, Andrea; Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie; Karasti, Helena; Marttila, Sanna; Parmiggiani, Elena; Saad-Sulonen, Joanna (2018). What does infrastructuring look like in STS? When? Workshop Report. EASST Review. Vol. 37.

Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie (2018). Knowing Through Relations. On the Epistemology and Methodology of Being a Reflexive Insider. 16 p. ID&A Interaction design & architecture(s). Vol. 38.

Grisot, Miria; Parmiggiani, Elena; Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie (2018). Infrastructuring internet of things for public governance. Bednar, P; Frank, Ulrich; Kautz, Karlheinz (Ed.). European Conference on Information Systems: Beyond Digitization - Facets of Socio-Technical Change ECIS 2018 Proceedings. Association for Information Systems (AIS).

Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie (2017). Smart environments? Reflections on the role of metaphors in IS. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS). Vol. 29.

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