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Heidi Dahlsveen


Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen has worked as a storyteller since 1996 both at national and abroad. She has participated in several festivals and in two EU projects that deal with oral storytelling. She is associate professor in oral storytelling and in 2008 she published the book "Introduction to oral storytelling", Universitetsforlaget. In 2019 she came with her second book on oral storytelling. She has written several academic articles on oral storytelling, where she uses artistic research as an input to understand oral storytelling and narratives. Her focus is using the traditional narratives to shed light on contemporary themes. She is currently participating in her third EU project: Common ground, common future - a project that looks at how narratives are used to stigmatize and polarize and how narrative are used in conflicts. She is a member of the research group «Art in society» and co-owner of Skaldskur AS.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Folklore studies   Humanities   Literature   Theatre studies

Subject areas

Narratives   Storytelling   Folktales   Storyteller   Storyteller   Oral   Oral tradition   Performance

Scientific publications

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