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Iselin Huseby Lie

Iselin Huseby Lie

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Social work

Scientific publications

Lie, Iselin Huseby ; Ulvik, Oddbjørg Skjær ; Aamodt, Hilde Anette (2024). Is participation always appropriate? Social workers' perspectives on when to exclude children from conversations about contact visits. Child & Family Social Work.

Lie, Iselin Huseby (2023). Children’s perspectives on contact with birth parents: a mixed-methods systematic review. European Journal of Social Work.

Lie, Iselin Huseby ; Sørvig, Øystein; Dybdahl, Ragnhild (2021). Unregistered Children: a Systematic Literature Review of Explanations and Consequences Associated with Failure to Fulfil Children’s Right to Registration. The International Journal of Children's Rights. Vol. 29.

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