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Jo Cramer

Jo Cramer


Through my work and research, I explore creative practice approaches to fashion design for sustainability. In particular, I am interested in how garments can be better designed for extended use and re-circulation within a circular economy. To this end, my research focuses on the potential of forecasting the likely use of garments within the design process, to produce clothing with the capacity to be 're-fashioned' by future wearers. I bring this perspective to my teaching where I mentor students at all levels to develop innovative, speculative, practice-based solutions to the problems of the global fashion industry.

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    The project aims to give more women access to technology, digital skills and leadership positions.

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Cramer, Joanne (2021). Use Forecasting: Designing Fashion Garments for Extended Use. Muthu, Subramanian Senthilkannan; Miguel Gardetti, Angel (Ed.). Sustainable Design in Textiles and Fashion. p. 85-104. Springer Nature.

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