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Knut Lehre Seip

Knut Lehre Seip


  1. I am professor in environmental Sciences and focuses on aquatic ecosystems and  climate change, in particula the role of oceanic currents on heat transport and global warming. I also work in macroeconomy and study how, when and why economic actors "play" as they do. Tax policy, inflation and interest rate setting by central banks are particular interest issues. 
  2. Often I use a method that is called the high resolution lead-lag (HRLL) method. It contribute to the understanding of cause and effects, and is particular useful when cause and effects change roles, which oceanic currents and economic actors often do.
  3. I also work with issues related to art: what are the emotions people express in the meeting with paintings and architecture?    

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Ecology   Numeric modelling   Macroeconomics

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Scientific publications

Seip, Knut Lehre; Wang, Hui (2023). Maximum Northern Hemisphere warming rates before and after 1880 during the Common Era. Theoretical and Applied Climatology .

Seip, Knut Lehre; Zhang, Dan (2022). A High-Resolution Lead-Lag Analysis of US GDP, Employment, and Unemployment 1977–2021: Okun’s Law and the Puzzle of Jobless Recovery. 16 p. Economies . Vol. 10.

Seip, Knut Lehre; Wang, Hui (2022). The North Atlantic Oscillations: Lead–Lag Relations for the NAO, the AMO, and the AMOC. A High-Resolution Lead–Lag Analysis. 19 p. Climate . Vol. 10.

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Seip, Knut Lehre; Zhang, Dan (2021). The GDP, the US treasury yield and the federal funds rate: who follows whom, when and why?. Journal of Financial Economic Policy .

Seip, Knut Lehre (2020). A Review of Ocean Dynamics in the North Atlantic: Achievements and Challenges. Climate . Vol. 8.

Seip, Knut Lehre; Yilmaz, Yunus; Schröder, Michael (2019). Comparing Sentiment- and Behavioral-Based Leading Indexes for Industrial Production: When Does Each Fail?. 19 p. Economies . Vol. 7.

Wang, Hui; Kumar, Arun; Murtugudde, Raghu; Narapusetty, Balachandrudu; Seip, Knut Lehre (2019). Covariations between the Indian Ocean dipole and ENSO: a modeling study. Climate Dynamics .

Seip, Knut Lehre; Grøn, Øyvind (2019). Atmospheric and Ocean Dynamics May Explain Cycles in Oceanic Oscillations. 17 p. Climate . Vol. 7.

Seip, Knut Lehre (2019). Does tax reduction have an effect on gross domestic product? An empirical investigation. Journal of Policy Modeling .

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete