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Leiv Øyehaug

Leiv Øyehaug

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Computational mathematics   Biological systems   Computational Neuroscience

Scientific publications

Halnes, Geir; Pettersen, Klas Henning; Øyehaug, Leiv; Rognes, Marie Elisabeth; Einevoll, Gaute (2019). Astrocytic Ion Dynamics: Implications for Potassium Buffering and Liquid Flow. Berry, Hugues; De Pittà, Maurizio (Ed.). Computational Glioscience. p. 363-391. Springer Nature.

Øyehaug, Leiv; Loose, Kristian Øglænd; Jølle, Guro Five; Røe, Åsmund Treu; Sjaastad, Ivar; Christensen, Geir Arve; Sejersted, Ole M; Louch, William Edward (2013). Synchrony of Cardiomyocyte Ca2+ Release is Controlled by t-tubule Organization, SR Ca2+ Content, and Ryanodine Receptor Ca2+ Sensitivity. 13 p. Biophysical Journal. Vol. 104.

Stokke, Mathis Korseberg; Tovsrud, Nils; Louch, William Edward; Øyehaug, Leiv; Hougen, Karina; Sejersted, Ole M; Swift, Fredrik; Sjaastad, Ivar (2013). I-CaL inhibition prevents arrhythmogenic Ca2+ waves caused by abnormal Ca2+ sensitivity of RyR or SR Ca2+ accumulation. 11 p. Cardiovascular Research (CVR). Vol. 98.

Swift, Fredrik; Franzini-Armstrong, Clara; Øyehaug, Leiv; Enger, Ulla Helene; Andersson, Kristin Brevik; Christensen, Geir Arve; Sejersted, Ole M; Louch, William Edward (2012). Extreme sarcoplasmic reticulum volume loss and compensatory T-tubule remodeling after Serca2 knockout. 5 p. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 109.

Øyehaug, Leiv; Østby, Ivar; Lloyd, Catherine M.; Omholt, Stig W; Einevoll, Gaute Tomas (2012). Dependence of spontaneous neuronal firing and depolarisation block on astroglial membrane transport mechanisms. 19 p. Journal of Computational Neuroscience. Vol. 32.

Stokke, Mathis Korseberg; Briston, Sarah J; Jølle, Guro Five; Manzoor, Isma; Louch, William Edward; Øyehaug, Leiv; Christensen, Geir Arve; Eisner, David A; Trafford, Andrew; Sejersted, Ole M; Sjaastad, Ivar (2011). Ca2+ wave probability is determined by the balance between SERCA2-dependent Ca2+ reuptake and threshold SR Ca2+ content. Cardiovascular Research (CVR). Vol. 90.

Thingnes, Josef; Øyehaug, Leiv; Hovig, Eivind; Omholt, Stig W. (2009). The mathematics of tanning. 1 p. BMC Systems Biology. Vol. 3.

Østby, Ivar; Øyehaug, Leiv; Einevoll, Gaute; Nagelhus, Erlend A.; Plahte, Erik; Zeuthen, Thomas; Lloyd, Catherine M.; Ottersen, Ole Petter; Omholt, Stig W. (2009). Astrocytic Mechanisms Explaining Neural-Activity-Induced Shrinkage of Extraneuronal Space. PLoS Computational Biology. Vol. 5.

Thingnes, Josef; Øyehaug, Leiv; Hovig, Eivind; Omholt, Stig W (2009). The mathematics of tanning. 14 p. BMC Systems Biology. Vol. 3.

Plahte, Erik; Øyehaug, Leiv (2007). Pattern-generating travelling waves in a discrete multicellular system with lateral inhibition. Physica D : Non-linear phenomena. Vol. 226.

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