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Ole Herman Ambur

Ole Herman Ambur

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Biochemistry   Medical microbiology   Medical molecular biology

Scientific publications

Løvestad, Alexander; Repesa, Adina; Costanzi, Jean-Marc; Lagström, Sonja; Christiansen, Irene Kraus; Rounge, Trine Ballestad; Ambur, Ole Herman (2022). Differences in integration frequencies and APOBEC3 profiles of five high-risk HPV types adheres to phylogeny. 12 p. Tumour Virus Research . Vol. 14.

Lagström, Sonja; Løvestad, Alexander; Umu, Sinan Uğur; Ambur, Ole Herman; Nygård, Mari; Rounge, Trine Ballestad; Christiansen, Irene Kraus (2021). HPV16 and HPV18 type-specific APOBEC3 and integration profiles in different diagnostic categories of cervical samples. Tumour Virus Research . Vol. 12.

Kværner, Ane Sørlie; Birkeland, Einar Elvbakken; Bucher-Johannessen, Cecilie; Vinberg, Elina; Nordby, Jan Inge; Kangas, Harri; Bemanian, Vahid; Ellonen, Pekka; Botteri, Edoardo; Natvig, Erik; Rognes, Torbjørn; Hovig, Eivind; Lyle, Robert; Ambur, Ole Herman; de Vos, Willem M.; Bultman, Scott J; Hjartåker, Anette; Landberg, Rikard; Song, Mingyang; Blix, Hege Salvesen; Ursin, Giske; Randel, Kristin Ranheim; de Lange, Thomas; Hoff, Geir; Holme, Øyvind; Berstad, Paula; Rounge, Trine Ballestad (2021). The CRCbiome study: a large prospective cohort study examining the role of lifestyle and the gut microbiome in colorectal cancer screening participants. 14 p. BMC Cancer . Vol. 21.

Løvestad, Alexander; Jørgensen, Silje Bakken; Handal, Nina; Ambur, Ole Herman; Aamot, Hege Vangstein (2021). Investigation of intra-hospital SARS-CoV-2 transmission using nanopore whole-genome sequencing. Journal of Hospital Infection . Vol. 111.

Mandishora, Racheal S. Dube; Rounge, Trine Ballestad; Fitzpatrick, Megan; Christiansen, Hanne Irene Kraus; Ambur, Ole Herman; Lagström, Sonja; Stray-Pedersen, Babill; Tommasino, Massimo; Palefsky, Joel; Chirenje, Zvavahera M. (2021). Self-collected and clinician-collected anal swabs show modest agreement for HPV genotyping. 13 p. PLOS ONE . Vol. 16.

Lagström, Sonja; van der Weele, Pascal; Rounge, Trine Ballestad; Christiansen, Irene Kraus; King, Audrey; Ambur, Ole Herman (2019). HPV16 whole genome minority variants in persistent infections from young Dutch women. Journal of Clinical Virology . Vol. 119.

Lagström, Sonja; Umu, Sinan Uğur; Lepistö, Maija; Ellonen, Pekka; Meisal, Roger; Christiansen, Irene Kraus; Ambur, Ole Herman; Rounge, Trine Ballestad (2019). TaME-seq: An efficient sequencing approach for characterisation of HPV genomic variability and chromosomal integration. Scientific Reports . Vol. 9:524.

Rounge, Trine Ballestad; Meisal, Roger; Nordby, Jan Inge; Ambur, Ole Herman; de Lange, Thomas; Hoff, Geir (2018). Evaluating gut microbiota profiles from archived fecal samples. 11 p. BMC Gastroenterology . Vol. 18.

Alfsnes, Kristian; Frye, Stephan Alfons; Eriksson, Jens; Eldholm, Vegard; Brynildsrud, Ola Brønstad; Bohlin, Jon; Harrison, Odile B; Hood, D; Maiden, Martin C.J.; Tonjum, Tone; Ambur, Ole Herman (2018). A genomic view of experimental intraspecies and interspecies transformation of a rifampicin-resistance allele into Neisseria meningitidis. Microbial Genomics . Vol. 4.

Feiring, Berit; Laake, Ida; Christiansen, Irene Kraus; Hansen, Mona Lindsethmo; Stålcrantz, Jeanette; Ambur, Ole Herman; Magnus, Per; Jonassen, Christine M; Trogstad, Lill (2018). Substantial Decline in Prevalence of Vaccine-Type and Nonvaccine-Type Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Girls 5 Years After Implementing HPV Vaccine in Norway. Journal of Infectious Diseases . Vol. 218.

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