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Ole Martin Moen

Ole Martin Moen

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Scientific publications

Moen, Ole Martin; Devolder, Katrien (2022). Palliative Farming. The Journal of Ethics .

Moen, Ole Martin (2021). Pessimism Counts in Favor of Biomedical Enhancement: A Lesson from the Anti-Natalist Philosophy of P. W. Zapffe. Neuroethics . Vol. 14.

Earp, Brian D; Lewis, Jonathan; Hart, Carl; Sterri, Aksel Braanen; Moen, Ole Martin (2021). Racial Justice Requires Ending the War on Drugs. American Journal of Bioethics . Vol. 21.

Moen, Ole Martin (2020). Judicial Corporal Punishment. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy . Vol. 17.

Sterri, Aksel Braanen; Moen, Ole Martin (2020). The ethics of emergencies. Philosophical Studies .

Moen, Ole Martin; Sterri, Aksel Braanen (2019). Aktiv dødshjelp: Etikk ved livets slutt. ISBN: 9788202594848. 132 p. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Moen, Ole Martin (2019). The Unabomber?s ethics. Bioethics . Vol. 33.

Moen, Ole Martin; Sterri, Aksel Braanen (2018). Pedophilia and Computer-Generated Child Pornography. Boonin, David (Ed.). Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy. 29. p. 369-382. Palgrave Macmillan.

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Moen, Ole Martin (2016). Smarter babies. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics . Vol. 25.

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