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Sverre Søyland Ubisch

Sverre Søyland Ubisch

Administrative field of work

Reporting   Analysis   Controlling   Corporate governance   Strategy   Funding   Protection of privacy in research   Data security   Innovation

Scientific publications

Ubisch, Sverre Søyland ; Wang, Pengfei (2023). Innovation on technological “islands”: domain contrast, boundary spanning, knowledge depth and breadth. 22 p. Industrial and Corporate Change. Vol. 32.

Ubisch, Sverre Søyland ; Wang, Pengfei (2022). Typical Products for Outside Audiences: The Role of Typicality When Products Traverse Countries. 47 p. Strategic Organization.

Ubisch, Sverre Søyland (2019). Spanning Crisp Categories: Primary Category, Complementary Category, and Their Contrasts. Academy of Management Proceedings.

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