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Tom G. Griffiths

Tom G. Griffiths


Tom G. Griffiths is a Professor of International Education and Development. Tom’s research has two inter-related trajectories: 1) the development of world-systems analysis as a theoretical framework for engaged educational research, and 2) the study of the relationship between models of mass education and (historical, current, future) socialist projects, informed by this framework. Throughout, Tom’s research has sought to explore education's potential contribution, via the preparation of engaged citizens, to the construction of a more democratic, equal, just, peaceful, and ecologically sustainable world-system.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

General education   Other subjects within education

Subject areas

Socialism   Critical pedagogy   Critical theory


Latin America


Cuba   Venezuela

Scientific publications

Griffiths, Tom G. (2022). Educación y la transformación del sistema-mundo capitalista. Ocampo González, Aldo (Ed.). Tarea crítica de la Educación Inclusiva: transformaciones heterológicas, reatriculaciones políticas, acción fronteriza y creación de otros mundos. Chapter III. p. 54-65.

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