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Torgeir Skyttermoen

Torgeir Skyttermoen


Torgeir Skyttermoen is Associate Professor in Project Management at Oslo Business School, Oslo Metropolitan University. Currently he also holds a position as Dean of School of Management. He has published books on project management, have been teaching in several disciplines in studies for more than 20 years, including project management. Skyttermoen has developed several studies and has received the Norwegian Ministry of Education's Quality Award, and cares a lot providing proper learning processes. He is also Visiting Associate Professor at Innlandet Norway University of Applied Sciences. Skyttermoen is also used as an instructor and consultant in business and public organizations.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Leadership and organizational theory   Project management   Leadership and leader development   Change management   Responsible Managenent   Design of organisations

Scientific publications

Jørgensen, Sveinung; Skyttermoen, Torgeir; Syversen, Trine Løvold (2013). I pose og sekk? Mot en prakademisk utdanning i organisasjons- og ledelsesfag : et studieutviklingsprosjekt som ble "kronet med gull". Bjørke, Gerd; Jarning, Harald; Eikeland, Olav (Ed.). Ny praksis - ny kunnskap: om utviklingsarbeid som sjanger. 16. p. 211-226. ABM-media AS.

Skyttermoen, Torgeir (2011). Mer enn vurdering? Om digitale kompetansemapper i høyere utdanning. UNIPED . Vol. 34.

Skyttermoen, Torgeir (2008). Educause Conference 2008 - A brief report. - Media, technology and lifelong learning . Vol. 4.

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