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Ulla Lundqvist

Ulla Lundqvist


I am associate professor of education at the Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education. Before joining Oslo Metropolitan University, I held positions at the Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies, University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the Department of Pedagogy and School, University College Copenhagen (Denmark). I hold a PhD (2017) from the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

I research the roles of teachers and teaching in school and society. My main areas of work are: teacher professionalism, teachers' learning, identity and activism; multilingualism in education, multilingual literacies, language and literacy pedagogy; classroom discourse, participation and learning. I use comparative and ethnographic methodologies which I combine with other research methods, including collaborative approaches.

ORCID: 0000-0001-5418-8158

Scientific publications

Lundqvist, Ulla ; Erduyan, Işıl (2024). Syncretic literacy practices among Arab heritage students in Denmark . Language and Education.

Lundqvist, Ulla ; Rinne, Ilona; Yildirim, Ali (2024). From parent-teacher relations to professional identity in Danish and Swedish schools. Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice.

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Rinne, Ilona; Lundqvist, Ulla ; Johannsen, Bjørn Friis; Yildirim, Ali (2023). “When you get out there, you don't have a toolbox”. A comparative study of student teacher's identity development in Swedish and Danish teacher education. Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies. Vol. 122.

Lundberg, Osa; Lundqvist, Ulla ; Åkerblom, Annika; Risenfors, Signild (2023). 'Can you teach me a little Urdu?' Educators navigating linguistic diversity in pedagogic practice in Swedish preschools. Global Studies of Childhood. Vol. 13.

Lundqvist, Ulla ; Kolstrup, Kirsten (2023). Lost in translanguaging? Er 'stance' den oversete dimension i den danske 'oversættelse' af translanguaging-begrebet til sprogpædagogisk praksis i folkeskolen?. Sprogforum. Vol. 77.

Lundqvist, Ulla (2022). At blive en dygtig elev: Social identitet i skolens klassefællesskaber. Cepra-striben - tidsskrift for Evaluering i Praksis. Vol. 30.

Lundqvist, Ulla (2019). The burden of smartness: Teacher's pet and classmates' teasing in a Danish classroom. 8 p. Linguistics and Education. Vol. 52.

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