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Apply to a PhD program at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Read about the application process to the PhD programmes at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

  • Application for admission to the PhD programmes

    Admission to the PhD program in Health Sciences is ongoing, i.e. there is no application deadline. The applications for admission to the program are considered and dealt with in the Faculty's doctoral committee (DGU-HV, Norwegian website).

    Complete applications for admission to the PhD program must be submitted no later than 3 weeks before the meeting is to be held.

    Before applying, it is important that you have a thorough look at the requirements for admission. This is regulated by:

    To be admitted to a PhD program, you must be financed either through a research fellowship or from your own employer and/ or research institution.

    Details regarding admission requirements

    Admission requirements are regulated by section 2-1 of the PhD regulations. In order to be admitted to a doctoral degree program, the applicant must have completed a bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) + master (120 ECTS) or equivalent education. The Faculty can, on an individual basis, approve the following education as a basis for admission:

    • Education at the master's level that will formally qualify for admission to the doctoral program in the country where the education is completed.

    Grading requirements: In order to obtain admission to the PhD programs at the Faculty of Health Sciences, applicants must have B or better on the Master's thesis and average grade corresponding to B or better on the Master's degree. In special cases, applicants with grade C may be considered for admission. In such cases, the applicant's merits must be emphasized on peer-reviewed publications after having completed a major subject / master.

    Documentation requirements for applications are regulated by section 2-2 of the PhD regulations as well as the Faculty of Health Sciences' additional requirements for documentation (cf. section 2-2 (2)).

    Please also note that special documentation requirements apply to certain countries. If you have education from one of these countries, your application will only be considered if you fulfill the requirements.

    The application has to contain the following documentation:

    • Application form (English, bokmål or nynorsk)
    • Diploma for the master's degree / major subject / professional exam or equivalent. If you have a foreign education, we ask you to enclose documentation for the entire course of education, ie a bachelor's degree and a master's degree (possibly a Master's degree and major subject). Foreign education shall be verified by NOKUT.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
    • Possible list of publications (beyond the master's thesis).
    • An (individual) project description of 5-11 pages (see the PhD regulations for OsloMet for requirements for the project description).
      Note: All PhD projects must be peer-reviewed in connection with admission. If your PhD project is peer-reviewed already: list when and by whom in the project description (e.g. NFR, grant award or other)
      and attach the evaluation/confirmation of the review. If your project is part of a larger research project, you must submit a description of which parts of the larger project that will form your PhD project.  If the project has been prepared by you / supervisor without external academic assessment, you must have the project peer reviewed by two persons, at least one of them must be internal. It is the responsibility of the main supervisor to designate those who will assess the project description before the application for admission can be considered in the doctoral committee. Template for peer review (bokmål or nynorsk). 
    • Documentation of financing.
    • Operating budget (a brief overview of what it costs to implement the project). Wage costs should not be included.
    • Plan for the training component.
    • Suggestions for at least two supervisors, they must be asked and said yes. If more than three supervisors is desired it must be justified. 
    • A confirmation from the main supervisor that ethical and data protection issues have been solved in the PhD project, referring to the case-id number from REK, SIKT or data protection official.
    • Any approvals from REK, SIKT or other necessary approvals (if this has not been clarified at the time of application, it must be submitted no later than three months after admission).
    • Data management plan (if this has not been clarified at the time of application, it must be submitted no later than three months after admission).
    • Risk assessment analysis of the project (if this has not been clarified at the time of application, it must be submitted no later than three months after admission).
  • Send the application to

  • Decision on admission to the programme

    Applications for admission to the PhD programmes in health sciences are assessed by the local doctoral committee at the faculty. Fully completed applications for admission to the PhD program must be received no later than 3 weeks before the meeting is to be held.

    The decision on admission is based on an overall assessment of the application.

    Once the doctoral committee's minutes are approved, the applicants will receive information regarding their application.

  • PhD positions at OsloMet

    Do you want to apply for a PhD position at OsloMet? Please have a look at our job openings.

    Recruitment to a PhD position at OsloMet depends on two different processes; appointment and admission to the PhD program. Both processes must be completed before you can start a PhD position at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

    Job openings.

  • Single courses for external applicants

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