Centre for the Study of Professions

Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS) is a multidisciplinary research centre, comprising research from a wide range of disciplines on professions and professional practice. 

Empirical research is combined with investigations of ethical issues in various professional domains.

Our expertise 

Researchers at our centre explore the characteristics and dynamics of professional occupations within society and address the social organization and functioning of various professions, such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers.

The multidisciplinary approach in our centre offer various frameworks that are helpful to understand the social, organizational, and cultural aspects of professional occupations and how they contribute to the functioning of society.

Our centre 

Our centre has a diverse research environment with staff whose background range from sociology, philosophy, educational science, history, political science, economics, and other disciplines.

PhD positions and master's scholarships are advertised annually for applicants who wish to write a doctoral thesis or master's thesis relevant to our research field. 

Our centre is the editor of the open-access academic journal Professions & Professionalism (journals.oslomet.no), and we also offer a number of PhD subjects.

Centre leader

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