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The Study of Professions


This PhD programme is interdisciplinary and recruits PhD candidates with different academic backgrounds.

  • Application procedures and admission requirements

    Admission to this PhD programme is continuous. To apply you need a five-year master's degree or equivalent.

    Detailed information about admission (

  • About the programme

    The study of professions is a multidisciplinary field of research characterised by a variety of theories and methods and by its comparative approaches. Emphasis is put on both the general and the specific features of professions and professional practice.

    The study of professions is a collective term for studies of the social role of the professions, their knowledge and ethical foundation, the institutional and social framework for professional practice and how the professions handle dilemmas in professional practice. Studies of the educational and vocational socialisation of the professions and the connection between professional qualification and practice are also included in the programme.

    The courses are extensive and candidates from other programmes may apply for admission to the individual research courses.

  • Programme description

    For more information about this PhD programme, take a look at the programme description (

  • Career

    As a PhD candidate in this programme, you qualify for research on professions, professional practice and for other work where social scientific skills are required.

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