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Research at SPS

Our researchers are engaged in interdisciplinary studies that examine the various aspects of professional occupation and their roles within society.

Research groups

  • Professional Knowledge and Qualification

    This research group conducts research on professional knowledge and expertise.

  • Expertise, Ethics, and Public Policy

    This research group explores the relationship between professions and governance. The aim is to combine the knowledge gained from empirical research with theoretical and normative study findings.

  • Professional Careers and Labour Markets

    This research group belongs to the Centre for the Study of Professions and studies professionals’ careers through the educational system and in the labour market.

  • INTEGRATE - Pathways to work

    With INTEGRATE we are building a core research group aimed at developing research-based and user-focused knowledge about coordinated assistance to enable integrated and coherent pathways to work for groups on the margins of the labour market.

  • Professional practice and interaction

    This research group focuses on the following topics: Professions and the implementation of public policies, Professional work and workplaces, and Cooperation and collaboration.

All research projects


  • StudData

    StudData, Database for Studies of Recruitment and Qualification in the Professions, is one of the foundations for the research activities at the Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS).