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Discrimination of Muslims in the Labour Market

The topic of this project is the discrimination of Muslims in the labour market.

Its premise is twofold: First, we need to identify the scope, development, content and the consequences of such discrimination, and, secondly, knowledge of the reasons for discrimination must be used to identify measures that can reasonably be assumed to combat discrimination.

The project will involve identifying the factors that have to be present to promote inclusion, by preventing economic and social exclusion. A basic premise in the project is that exclusion both has an objective dimension, i.e. factors that can be identified and described in the form of position and participation, and a subjective dimension, involving own experiences and sense of belonging.

The data in the project will be based on the use of vignettes, which will be distributed to a representative sample of large companies in Norway. We will also conduct a literature review, and qualitative interviews with employers and Muslims.

The project is a response to a challenge set out in the Action plan to combat discrimination and hatred towards Muslims (2020–2023) (Ministry of Culture 2020), where discrimination in the labour market is one of the topics.

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