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How is e-learning utilized in Norwegian municipalities?

This project investigates how e-learning is implemented and utilized in organizations.

This is accomplished by examining how health and care services in Norwegian municipalities implement and utilize e-learning to impart professionals with competence in the legal foundations of their practice.

Digital learning tools are a resource for many operations and are significant for their knowledge development. Nevertheless, the usage of these tools often falls short of their potential in many cases.

Simultaneously, leaders are recognized as key stakeholders in digital transformation, where digital competence is a pivotal value for achieving transformations.

Understanding to what extent and how leadership influences the use of digital learning resources will likely provide insights into how leaders can support transformation efforts.

This also enables the cultivation of more knowledge about the extent and how leadership is essential for developing knowledge and competence through digital learning tools.

Funding and Method

With financial support from the Research Council, the software company Visma ( is collaborating with the Center for Professional Studies at OsloMet on this project.

The thesis is based on qualitative case studies in which interviews are conducted with leaders and employees in selected Norwegian municipalities that utilize e-learning for employee training.

Main supervisor: Tone Alm Andreassen, OsloMet.

Supervisor at Visma: Berit Braut (, Director of Customer Experience.


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