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Evaluation of Norwegian Barnahus

This project is a national evaluation of the Norwegian Barnahus model.

Does the Barnahus model fulfill its purpose in the best possible way and is sufficient weight put on the child’s best interest? These are the main research questions in the second national evaluation of the Norwegian barnahus model. The study is funded by the National Police Directorate. 

The barnahus model is a multi-agency model based on the one-door principle in police reported cases where children and youth may have been subjected to violence and abuse.  The model is implemented on a national basis with 11 barnahus established in different regions three of which are organized with subdivisions.  The evaluation will produce knowledge about the barnahus organisation and activities and offer recommendations for further improvement of the model. Results from the present study will be compared with those of the national evaluation conducted in 2012. 

The study combines different data: 

The results will be published in a NOVA-report in 2021. The results will give updated information regarding the barnahus model and current practice and will be significant for further development of policy and practice. 

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