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Evaluation of 'Robust Youth'

The main aim of the project is to evaluate 'Robust Youth' which is a program designed to being preventive and promote better health among youth.

'Robust Youth'  is a three-part teaching program, to be used in upper secondary school. The goal is to provide both students and teachers with tools which promote good mental health, and thereby facilitate an inclusive learning environment. Both pupils and teachers are included in the project's annual plans.

Problem solving, positive psychology, stress management, communication, future orientation and relational skills are among the topics included.

The research questions

How to answer - data and method

The data consists of new qualitative data, as well as the collection of quantitative data using a Web form and analysis of Youth Data. The qualitative data will be collected by using focus group interviews with pupils and teachers separately. 


The project is relevant for analyzing how students experience an initiative to strengthen their life skills. In a larger context, the project is part of an understanding of the overall part of the curriculum, where Public Health and Life Mastery is one of several topics.