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The Pilot Project (Los-prosjektet) – an evaluation of state subsidies to municipalities targeting young people at risk of dropping out of school.

This evaluation will investigate how municipalities who have been granted subsidies to establish the Pilot Project in their community have organized the project.

The Pilot Project targets young people aged 12-24 who are at risk of dropping out of school or work, and who need help from more than one service.  The intent is that the Pilot (los) shall help young people by providing close and personal follow-up, and who helped him or her to make use of services offered by the school or others. The municipalities may organize the project as they see fit, suggesting that there may be a great variety in the activities conducted by the pilot and where in the municipal organisation the pilot is positioned.

One main goal of the evaluation is to gain insight into the young participation experiences of the help they have received from the pilot, if the help were adjusted according to their individually perceived needs and have increased their motivation for school. We will also investigate the pilots’ experiences and how the pilots’ position in the municipal organisation influence their working condition. 

To conduct the evaluation, we will in five municipalities interview young people who have had a pilot, the pilots’, and the persons responsibility for the Pilot Projects in the municipalities and other municipal employees collaborating with the pilot. We will also conduct surveys to all municipalities that have been granted subsidies targeting the municipal leaders of the project and their pilots. The project is commissioned by The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

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