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Social Rented Housing in Oslo. Dilemmas in a Market-oriented and Means-tested Housing Sector

Social rented housing is one of the most important policy instruments in the municipality of Oslo’s social housing policy. In this research project, we examine the main challenges of this strictly means-tested and market-oriented housing sector in five policy briefs.

Policy briefs have become a steadily more popular form of disseminating research based knowledge to stakeholders and other interested parties. Our policy briefs – which will be summarized and elaborated on in a final report – will be based on previous studies and new quantitative and qualitative data.

In the project, we will analyze the following challenges in the social rented sector in the Norwegian capital: residential stability, the fragmented administrative organization, the concentrated geographical location of social housing and the rent setting system and housing allowances. 

The project is conducted in cooperation with the municipality of Oslo (Velferdsetaten).