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Student at Kjeller? Get to know the local area

Two students walking together in front of the Kjeller campus entrance.

Being a new student can be overwhelming at first. In addition to getting to know your new course and new friends, you will also get to know your new place of study. We've made it a little easier for you and collected our best Lillestrøm tips.

Cultural offers

In Lillestrøm Library you can find a film- and game room, as well as a café, and that isn’t even all. If you need a change of scenery from the reading rooms at Kjeller, then you can use the sitting areas at the library.

When you want a break from the reading you can attend the libraries arrangements. You can get a variation of experiences there, such as concerts and chess evenings. Not to mention that your student wallet will be untouched, as all the arrangements are free.

If you like attending concerts, theatre, and stand-up, then you should follow the program of Lillestrøm Culture Centre. In the building that previously housed Lillestrøm Cinema you will find a varied culture life, as well as a restaurant and pub.

Do you like art? Right by Lillestrøm train station you find Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art. They have exhibitions to a student-friendly price: only 20 NOK. Remember to bring your student ID.

An exhibition from Nitja Centre for Contemporary art. A big room with white walls and concrete floor. There are monitors and pictures on one wall, a projector shows a picture of sunflowers on another. In the middle of the room stands an artwork with stands and umbrellas.

From the exhibition "Makt og Avmakt" (2023). Photo: Kunstdok /Tor Simen Ulstein

Food and Drink

Thai, Indian, Italian, tapas, coffee, pastries: If you go down Storgata and the area around the plaza, you will find many cosy restaurants, cafes, and pubs. Maybe you can bring your study mates with you here when you are done for the day at campus?

Lillestrøm outdoors

When you have spent much time inside study rooms and auditoriums, it can be nice with some change of scenery – preferably outside.

From grass fields and a skatepark by Nitelva to parks with nice trees and plants – Lillestrøm has many cosy parks. The city even has its own art park. Visit the parks when the weather is nice. The parks are also great spots to do something social with your study mates.

A smiling woman in sportswear swinging in a rope in the woods. It is sunny.

There are many hiking opportunities in the area around Lillestrøm. Photo: Lillestrøm kultursenter

Would you like to disconnect from your studies with a bath? There are many lakes only half an hour away from Lillestrøm. They are nice to take a dip in and often have grass fields you can sunbathe on during summer.

If you prefer a pool, or something closer to the city centre, you can visit Nebbursvollen water park. It is spacious, having three pools and a big lawn. Do you crave some action amongst all the relaxation? The water park also has water slides and a sand volleyball court.

Lawn and pool at Nebbursvollen water park. There are many people in the pool, as well as on the lawn.

Nebbursvollen water park. Photo: Lillestrøm kultursenter


Lillestrøm square is a mall in the middle of Lillestrøm centre and houses 60 stores and eating places. Only a short bus or train trip away lies Strømmen mall with an impressive 195 stores and eating places.

Do you prefer shopping in smaller stores in the city? You can find many cosy stores in the areas around both the malls, with a selection of interior, clothing, shoes, and much more.

People walking in a pedestrian street in Lillestrøm centre. It is a sunny day.

From the city party that is organised in Lillestrøm centre every year. Photo: Lillestrøm kultursenter

Lillestrøm Studentby (student residence)

Lillestrøm Studentby is a practical place to live when you are a student at Kjeller. Being located right by Lillestrøm station it has a short way to campus, and the train to Oslo central station only takes ten minutes. The student residence is also one of the newest projects of the student association SiO.

Lillestrøm Studentby - two beige brick buildings against blue skies. Outside the building there is an open place with benches.

Lillestrøm Studentby (student residence). Photo: Studentsamskipnaden SiO

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