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Anvendt og eksperimentell atferdsanalyse i klinisk praksis

Denne forskningsgruppen hører til Fakultet for helsevitenskap.

We research the following:

  1. Effects of early and intensive behavioural interventions (EIBI) for children with autism and other developmental delays.
  2. Methods for early identification of children with autism.
  3. Specific interventions.


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      Effects of EIBI for children with autism and other developmental delays

      • A randomized controlled trial (RCT) on 40 children with mental retardation who receive either behavioural interventions or treatment as usual.
      • Meta-analyses on published data.
      • Follow-up in adult age.
      • Levels of stress in families with children with autism and developmental delays
      • Collaboration projects investigating the effects of early intervention clinics in Sweden, Poland, Germany and England.

      Methods for early identification of children with autism

      • Number and type of stimuli the child finds interesting.
      • Theoretical work pertaining to early markers of the development of autism.
      • Profiles on standardized tests (IQ, adaptive behaviour).

      Specific interventions

      • Computerized training to establish joint attention in children with autism.
      • Computerized reading comprehension programs (Tempolex) for children with reading disabilities.
      • Increasing math skills using a standardized teaching package (MathsRecovery) for children with developmental disabilities and difficulties with mathematics.
      • Establishment of complex language behaviour in children with autism (naming, conversation).
      • Identifying function of stereotypic behaviour in individuals with autism.