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Chuangxin Lyu

Chuangxin Lyu

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Lyu, Chuangxin; Park, Junghee; Carlos Santamarina, Santamarina (2021). Depth-Dependent Seabed Properties: Geoacoustic Assessment. 13 s. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering . Vol. 147.

Lyu, Chuangxin; Grimstad, Gustav; Nishimura, Satoshi (2021). Pore pressure coefficient in frozen soils. Géotechnique .

Lyu, Chuangxin; Nishimura, Satoshi; Ghoreishian Amiri, Seyed Ali; Zhu, Feng; Eiksund, Gudmund Reidar; Grimstad, Gustav (2021). Pore-water pressure development in a frozen saline clay under isotropic loading and undrained shearing. Acta Geotechnica . Vol. 16.

Amato, Giorgia; Andò, Edward; Lyu, Chuangxin; Viggiani, Gioacchino; Eiksund, Gudmund Reidar (2021). A glimpse into rapid freezing processes in clay with x-ray tomography. 12 s. Acta Geotechnica .

Lyu, Chuangxin; Ghoreishian Amiri, Seyed Ali; Grimstad, Gustav; Høyland, Knut Vilhelm; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas (2020). Comparison of Geoacoustic Models for Unfrozen Water Content Estimation. 23 s. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth . Vol. 125.

Lyu, Chuangxin; Ghoreishian Amiri, Seyed Ali; Gao, Hao; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas; Grimstad, Gustav (2019). Joint Acoustic and Electrical Measurements for Unfrozen Water Saturation Estimate—A Review. Bilodeau, Jean-Pascal; Nadeau, Daniel F.; Fortier, Daniel; Conciatori, David (Red.). Cold Regions Engineering 2019. Conference Paper. s. 26-34. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

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