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Alex Alcocer

Alex Alcocer

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Information and communication technology   Technical cybernetics

Subject areas

Dynamical systems   Hydroacoustics   Kalman filter   Mathematical optimization   Parameter and state estimation   Positioning   Dynamic simulation   Stochastic simulation   Robotics   Intelligent systems   Real-time systems   GPS   Dynamic Positioning   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle   Automation   Autopilot   Unmanned vehicles   Drones   Underwater robotics   Unmanned systems   Marine Robotics

Scientific publications

Elkolali, Moustafa; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert; Rønning, Per Ola; Alcocer, Alex (2022). Void Content Determination of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers: A Comparison between Destructive and Non-Destructive Methods. Polymers . Vol. 14.

Zolich, Artur Piotr; Johansen, Tor Arne; Elkolali, Moustafa; Al-Tawil, Ahmed; Alcocer, Alex (2021). Unmanned Aerial System for deployment and recovery of research equipment at sea. Valavanis, Kimon P. (Ed.). 2021 Aerial Robotic Systems Physically Interacting with the Environment (AIRPHARO). Artikkel. IEEE.

Elkolali, Moustafa; Al-Tawil, Ahmed; Much, Lennard; Schrader, Ryan; Masset, Olivier; Sayols, Marina; Jenkins, Andrew; Alonso, Sara; Carella, Alfredo; Alcocer, Alex (2021). A low-cost wave/solar powered unmanned surface vehicle. Mandar, Chitre (Ed.). Global Oceans 2020: Singapore – U.S. Gulf Coast. Artikkel. IEEE.

Elkolali, Moustafa; Splawski, Wilfried; Carella, Alfredo; Alcocer, Alex (2021). Hydrodynamic parameter optimization for miniature underwater glider wings. Mandar, Chitre (Ed.). Global Oceans 2020: Singapore – U.S. Gulf Coast. Artikkel. IEEE.

Masmitja, Ivan; Navarro, J.; Gomariz, S.; Aguzzi, J.; Kleft, B.; O'Reilly, T.; Katija, K.; Bouvet, P.J.; Fannjiang, C.; Vigo, M.; Puig, P.; Alcocer, Alex; Vallicrosa, G.; Palomeras, N.; Carreras, M.; Del Rio, J.; Company, J.B. (2020). Mobile robotic platforms for the acoustic tracking of deep-sea demersal fishery resources. 15 p. Science robotics . Vol. 5.

Sollesnes, Erik; Brokstad, Ole Martin; Klæboe, Rolf; Vågen, Bendik; Carella, Alfredo Raúl; Alcocer, Alex; Zolich, Artur Piotr; Johansen, Tor Arne (2019). Towards autonomous ocean observing systems using Miniature Underwater Gliders with UAV deployment and recovery capabilities. 5 p. Proceedings of the Symposium on Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Technology .

Stensrud, Mathias; Haakstad, Ole Henrik; Sakseid, Olav; Westby, Baard; Alcocer, Alex (2018). Towards Automated 3D reconstruction in SME factories and Digital Twin Model generation. International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems . Vol. 2018-October.

Hansen, Erik Aaron; Nichele, Stefano; Yazidi, Anis; Haugerud, Hårek; Abolpour Mofrad, Asieh; Alcocer, Alex (2018). Achieving Connectivity between Wide Areas Through Self-Organising Robot Swarms using Embodied Evolution. Sundaram, Suresh (Ed.). Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI 2018). 18. p. 875-883. IEEE.

Komulainen, Tiina M.; Alcocer, Alex; Haugen, Finn (2016). Experiences and trends in control education: a HIOA/USN perspective. O'Conner, Lisa (Ed.). 2016 9th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation Oulu, Finland 12-16 September 2016. Track S01. p. 768-773. IEEE.

Alcocer, Alex; Oliveira, Paulo; Pascoal, Antonio; Cunha, Rita; Silvestre, Carlos (2008). A dynamic estimator on SE(3) using range-only measurements. IEEE, x (Ed.). Proceedings of the 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC). 1. p. 2302-2307.

Sousa, R.; Alcocer, Alex; Oliveira, P.; Ghabcheloo, Reza; Pascoal, Antonio (2008). Joint positioning and navigation aiding system for underwater robots. OCEANS 2008 MTS/IEEE QUEBEC Conference & Exhibition, Proceedings, Quebec City, Sept. 15-18, 2008. 1. p. 1-8. IEEE.

Alcocer, Alex; Oliveira, Paulo; Pascoal, Antonio (2007). Study and implementation of an EKF GIB-based underwater positioning system. Control Engineering Practice . Vol. 15.

Alcocer, Alex; Oliveira, Paulo; Pascoal, Antonio (2006). Underwater Acoustic Positioning Systems Based on Buoys with GPS. Jesus, S. M. (Ed.). Proceedings of the ECUA 2006, 8th European conference on underwater acoustics. 1.

Alcocer, Alex; Oliveira, Paulo; Pascoal, Antonio; Xavier, João (2006). Maximum Likelihood Attitude and Position Estimation from Pseudo-Range Measurements using Geometric Descent Optimization. Proceedings of the 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control : December 13-15, 2006, San Diego, CA, USA. 1. p. 3754-3759. IEEE conference proceedings.

Alcocer, Alex; Oliveira, Paulo; Pascoal, Antonio (2005). Study and Implementation of an EKF GIB-Based Underwater Positioning System. Katebi, Reza; Longhi, Sauro (Ed.). Proceedings of the IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems 2004 (CAMS 2004). 1. Elsevier.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete