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Amirhosein Shabani

Amirhosein Shabani

Research projects

  • HYPERION project

    HYPERION will produce a comprehensive tool to assess threats of climate change in tandem with other natural hazards to cultural heritage sites.

Scientific publications

Shabani, Amirhosein; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2022). Hyperomet: An OpenSees interface for nonlinear analysis of unreinforced masonry buildings. 7 p. SoftwareX . Vol. 20.

Teymouri, Mohammad; Behfarnia, Kiachehr; Shabani, Amirhosein; Saadatian, Armin (2022). The Effect of Mixture Proportion on the Performance of Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete Subjected to Sulfuric Acid Attack. Materials . Vol. 15.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Skamantzari, Margarita; Tapinaki, Sevasti; Georgopoulos, Andreas; Plevris, Vagelis; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2022). 3D simulation models for developing digital twins of heritage structures: challenges and strategies. Procedia Structural Integrity . Vol. 37.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Feyzabadi, Mohyeddin; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2022). Model updating of a masonry tower based on operational modal analysis: The role of soil-structure Interaction. 18 p. Case Studies in Construction Materials . Vol. 16.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2022). A novel macroelement for seismic analysis of unreinforced masonry buildings based on MVLEM in OpenSees. 19 p. Journal of Building Engineering . Vol. 49.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Ademi, Agon; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2022). Structural Model Updating of a Historical Stone Masonry Tower in Tønsberg, Norway. Vayas, Ioannis; M. Mazzolani, Federico (Ed.). Protection of Historical Constructions. 2. Springer.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Alinejad, Ali; Teymouri, Mohammad; Nascimento Costa, André; Shabani, Mahgol; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2021). Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Strengthening of Heritage Timber Buildings: A Review. Buildings .

Shabani, Amirhosein; Hosamo, Haidar; Plevris, Vagelis; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2021). A Preliminary Structural Survey of Heritage Timber Log Houses in Tønsberg, Norway. Roca, P.; Molins, Climent (Ed.). 12th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF HISTORICAL CONSTRUCTIONS (SAHC 2021). Projects and case studies. p. 873-884. International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE).

Teymouri, Mohammad; Behfarnia, Kiachehr; Shabani, Amirhosein (2021). Mix design effects on the durability of alkali-activated slag concrete in a hydrochloric acid environment. Sustainability . Vol. 13.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Kioumarsi, Mahdi; Zucconi, Maria (2021). State of the art of simplified analytical methods for seismic vulnerability assessment of unreinforced masonry buildings. 18 p. Engineering structures . Vol. 239.

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