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Vagelis Plevris

Vagelis Plevris

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Building, construction and transport technology   Building materials   Construction technology

Subject areas

Earthquake hazard   Structural analysis   Neural networks   Stability of structures   Finite element methods   Civil engineering   Steel frame behaviour   Concrete structures   Ant Colony Optimization   Engineering education   Optimization   Computational Science   Computer aided engineering   Multi-Objective Optimization


Greece   Norway

Research projects

  • HYPERION project

    HYPERION will produce a comprehensive tool to assess threats of climate change in tandem with other natural hazards to cultural heritage sites.

Scientific publications

Jiménez Rios, Alejandro; Plevris, Vagelis; Nogal, Maria (2023). Bridge management through digital twin-based anomaly detection systems: A systematic review. Frontiers in Built Environment .

Kioumarsi, Mahdi; Plevris, Vagelis; Shabani, Amirhosein (2022). Vulnerability assessment of cultural heritage structures. 8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS Congress 2022). 487. European Community on Computional Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS).

Ben Seghier, Mohamed El Amine; Plevris, Vagelis; Ramirez, German Solorzano (2022). Random forest-based algorithms for accurate evaluation of ultimate bending capacity of steel tubes. Structures . Vol. 44.

Plevris, Vagelis; Ramirez, German Solorzano (2022). A Collection of 30 Multidimensional Functions for Global Optimization Benchmarking. Data . Vol. 7.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Skamantzari, Margarita; Tapinaki, Sevasti; Georgopoulos, Andreas; Plevris, Vagelis; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2022). 3D simulation models for developing digital twins of heritage structures: challenges and strategies. Procedia Structural Integrity . Vol. 37.

Gharehbaghi, Sadjad; Gandomi, Mostafa; Plevris, Vagelis; Gandomi, Amir H. (2021). Prediction of seismic damage spectra using computational intelligence methods. 16 p. Computers & structures . Vol. 253.

Plevris, Vagelis; Ramirez, German Solorzano (2021). Prediction of the Eigenperiods of MDOF Shear Buildings Using Neural Networks. Papadrakakis, M.; Fragiadakis, Michalis (Ed.). Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Minisymposia MS 40. p. 3894-3910. European Community on Computional Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS).

Ramirez, German Solorzano; Plevris, Vagelis (2021). Design of Reinforced Concrete Isolated Footings Under Axial Loading with Artificial Neural Networks. Gauger, Nicolas; Giannakoglou, Kyriakos; Papadrakakis, M.; Periaux, Jacques (Ed.). Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods For Design, Optimization and Control. Minisymposia MS 6. p. 118-131. European Community on Computional Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS).

Plevris, Vagelis; Bakas, Nikolaos P.; Ramirez, German Solorzano (2021). Pure Random Orthogonal Search (PROS): A Plain and Elegant Parameterless Algorithm for Global Optimization. 28 p. Applied Sciences . Vol. 11.

Shabani, Amirhosein; Hosamo, Haidar; Plevris, Vagelis; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2021). A Preliminary Structural Survey of Heritage Timber Log Houses in Tønsberg, Norway. Roca, P.; Molins, Climent (Ed.). 12th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF HISTORICAL CONSTRUCTIONS (SAHC 2021). Projects and case studies. p. 873-884. International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE).

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete