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Mahdi Kioumarsi

Mahdi Kioumarsi


Mahdi Kioumarsi currently holds the position of Associate Professor within the Department of Built Environment at OsloMet—Oslo Metropolitan University in Oslo, Norway. His academic journey culminated in acquiring a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His scholarly pursuits traverse a comprehensive spectrum, encapsulating the analysis of large-scale structures and delving into meticulous investigations at the material level, with a specific focus on concrete. The foundational tenet of his research methodology lies in the seamless integration of modeling and experimental approaches.

Boasting extensive expertise in structural analysis, numerical modeling, and machine learning, he has emerged as a preeminent figure in the realm of sustainable construction. Presently, his scholarly focus is directed towards exploring the potential applications of digital technologies, including digital twins and artificial intelligence, in the realm of intelligent construction practices. This emphasis seeks to mitigate the carbon footprint inherent in the built environment.

Throughout his academic trajectory, he has been pivotal in orchestrating and actively participating in many regional, national, and international research projects. These collaborative endeavors span diverse domains, engaging academic and industrial partners, thereby underscoring his steadfast commitment to advancing interdisciplinary research agendas. He has authored over 100 papers published in esteemed, peer-reviewed journals. In addition, he serves as an editor and reviewer for various reputable international scientific journals. This dual role not only underscores his commitment to upholding the highest standards of research and scholarship but also highlights his integral role in shaping and evaluating scientific contributions within the broader academic community.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Building, construction and transport technology   Building materials   Construction technology

Subject areas

Structural analysis   Finite element methods   Numerical analysis   Corrosion   Civil engineering   Durability   Concrete   Steel frame behaviour   Concrete structures   Durability and service life   Seismic   Experimental Behavior Analysis   Construction materials   Reinforcement corrosion   Buildings and infrastructure   Reinforced Structure   Reinforced concrete   Finite element analysis



Research projects

  • HYPERION project

    HYPERION will produce a comprehensive tool to assess threats of climate change in tandem with other natural hazards to cultural heritage sites.

  • Net-Zero Future

    To enable a rapid global movement toward the built environmentʼs carbon footprint reduction, this project will initiate an international alliance to coordinate and perform research, educational, and outreach activities to realize net-zero built structures.


    Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable and Resilient Structures: Global Solutions through Adaptable Educational Modules.

Scientific publications

Kheyroddin, Ali; Raygan, Shakiba; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2024). Strut and tie model for CFRP strengthened reinforced concrete corbels. Engineering structures. Vol. 304.

Imperatore, Stefania; Benenato, Armando; Spagnuolo, Simone; Ferracuti, Barbara; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2024). Corrosion effects on the flexural performance of prestressed reinforced concrete beams. Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 411.

Bypour, Maryam; Yekrangnia, Mohammad; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2024). Predicting the shear capacity of composite steel plate shear wall with the application of RSM. Engineering structures. Vol. 301.

Ahmadi, Masoud; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2024). Predicting the elastic modulus of normal and high strength concretes using hybrid ANN-PSO. Materials Today: Proceedings.

Shabani, Amirhosein ; Zucconi, Maria; Kazemian, Delaram ; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2023). Seismic fragility analysis of low-rise unreinforced masonry buildings subjected to near- and far-field ground motions. 11 p. Results in Engineering (RINENG). Vol. 18.

Farahzadi, Leila ; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2023). Application of machine learning initiatives and intelligent perspectives for CO2 emissions reduction in construction. Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 384.

Mahboubi, Shima; Shiravand, Mahmoud R; Shid, Golshid; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2023). Probabilistic Assessment of RC Piers Considering Vertical Seismic Excitation Based on Damage Indices. Jędrzejewska, Agnieszka; Kanavaris, Fragkoulis; Azenha, Miguel (Ed.). International RILEM Conference on Synergising Expertise towards Sustainability and Robustness of Cement-based Materials and Concrete Structures. p. 828-839. Springer.

Shekarchi, Mohammad; Ahmadi, Babak; Azarhomayun, Fazel; Shafei, Behrouz; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2023). Natural zeolite as a supplementary cementitious material – A holistic review of main properties and applications. 17 p. Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 409.

Ahmadi, Masoud; Hakimi, Babak; Mazaheri, Ahmadreza; Kioumarsi, Mahdi (2023). Potential Use of Water Treatment Sludge as Partial Replacement for Clay in Eco-Friendly Fired Clay Bricks. Sustainability. Vol. 15.

Shabani, Amirhosein ; Kioumarsi, Mahdi ; Plevris, Vagelis (2023). Performance-based seismic assessment of a historical masonry arch bridge: Effect of pulse-like excitations. 15 p. Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering (FSCE). Vol. 17.

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