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Blanca Estela Braña de Hvidsten

Blanca Estela Braña de Hvidsten


Researcher on the field of higher vocational education (tertiary vocational education) and tertiary vocational teachers’ education, as a quality factor in higher vocational education. Established tertiary vocational education as a research field in 2021 at OsloMet.

Fields of Study

Subject areas

Tertiary Vocational School Teachers. Higher Vocational Pedagogy, Adult Pedagogy, Higher Vocational Didactics, Storyline, Transformative Learning, Visible learning. Malcolm S. Knowles, Jack Mezirow.

Publications and research


Braña de Hvidsten, Blanca Estela ; Brevik, Birger (2023). Tertiary Vocational Education in Norway: What Do We Know in 2023?. The role of ‘Bildung’ in vocational education and training and professional higher education. Nordyrk.

Braña de Hvidsten, Blanca Estela (2023). Andragogikk | og | med | på | mot | Content and Language Integrated Learning. Plandagen skole start.. Oslo Voksenopplæring Helsfyr.

Braña de Hvidsten, Blanca Estela (2023). Andragogikk. Fagsamling for Lærere og Ledere i Fylkeskommunal Voksenopplæring. Viken Kompetanseutvikling | Seksjon voksenopplæring og karriereveiledning.

Braña de Hvidsten, Blanca Estela ; Follestad, Anette Lund (2023). Pioneering Education Programme for Higher Vocational Teachers in Norway. Student Experiences from a Cohort Who Completed the Study of Practical Pedagogy for Tertiary Vocational Education at OsloMet in Norway. The European Conference on Education Research 2023. ECER.

Braña de Hvidsten, Blanca Estela (2021). Om veiledning til fagskolelærere. Praktisk pedagogikk og digital kompetanseutvikling.. Høyskole Kristiania.

Follestad, Anette Lund ; Braña de Hvidsten, Blanca Estela (2021). Teachers in Tertiary Vocational Education, how does pedagogical education influence their work?. NORDYRK. NORDYRK.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete