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Erik Straume Bussesund

Erik Straume Bussesund


Erik Straume Bussesund is a pedagogue with a master's from the Department of Education at the University of Oslo, and is currently a PhD candidate at OsloMet. His research project focuses on the framework surrounding teacher professional development concerning digital technologies in teaching and learning in primary schools and teacher education. He has an interdisciplinary approach that utilises sociological, linguistic, and philosophical methods to shed light on the issue of teacher professionalism and the digitalisation of education. He has participated in various research and development projects related to the use of digital devices in higher education and primary education, both under the auspices of the Universities of Oslo. He has also been part of competence-building seminars with in-service teachers, which aimed to enhance teacher-specific digital competence. His main research interests include several areas of technology-enhanced learning, such as Cyber ethics, digital citizenship, education policy, curriculum, digital literacy, technology adaption, and the theory of professions.

Publications and research


Bussesund, Erik Straume (2023). Digital Futures of Education: Investigating teacher educators’ practical arguments about professional digital competence. International NOTELEB Final Conference 2023. No Teacher Educator Left Behind.

Bussesund, Erik Straume (2023). Justifying digital competence development in teacher education: exploring teacher educators’ perspectives. NERA Conference 2023 - Digitalization and Technologies in Education Opportunities and Challenges. The Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA).

Bussesund, Erik Straume (2022). Professional Digital Competency – What is the problem with teachers?. NERA 2022. The Nordic Educational Research Association.

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