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Erwan Delbarre

Erwan Delbarre

Scientific publications

Riegler, Michael Alexander; Stensen, Mette Haug; Witczak, Oliwia; Andersen, Jorunn Marie; Hicks, Steven; Hammer, Hugo Lewi; Delbarre, Erwan; Halvorsen, Pål; Yazidi, Anis; Holst, Nicolai; Haugen, Trine B. (2021). Artificial intelligence in the fertility clinic: status, pitfalls and possibilities. Human Reproduction . Vol. 36.

Delbarre, Erwan; Janicki, Susan M (2021). Modulation of H3.3 chromatin assembly by PML: A way to regulate epigenetic inheritance. Bioessays . Vol. 43.

Paulsen, Jonas; Liyakat Ali, Tharvesh Moideen; Nekrasov, Maxim; Delbarre, Erwan; Baudement, Marie-Odile; Kurscheid, Sebastian; Tremethick, David; Collas, Philippe (2019). Long-range interactions between topologically associating domains shape the four-dimensional genome during differentiation. Nature Genetics . Vol. 51.

Spirkoski, Jane; Shah, Akshay; Reiner, Andrew Henry; Collas, Philippe; Delbarre, Erwan (2019). PML modulates H3.3 targeting to telomeric and centromeric repeats in mouse fibroblasts. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications - BBRC . Vol. 511.

Zink, Lisa-Maria; Delbarre, Erwan; Eberl, H Christian; Keilhauer, Eva C; Bonisch, Clemens; Punzeler, Sebastian; Bartkuhn, Marek; Collas, Philippe; Mann, Matthias; Hake, Sandra B. (2017). H3.Y discriminates between HIRA and DAXX chaperone complexes and reveals unexpected insights into human DAXX-H3.3-H4 binding and deposition requirements. Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) . Vol. 45.

Paulsen, Jonas; Sekelja, Monika; Oldenburg, Anja; Barateau, Alice; Briand, Nolwenn; Delbarre, Erwan; Shah, Akshay; Sørensen, Anita Løvstad; Vigouroux, Corinne; Buendia, Brigitte; Collas, Philippe (2017). Chrom3D: Three-dimensional genome modeling from Hi-C and nuclear lamin-genome contacts. Genome Biology . Vol. 18:21.

Delbarre, Erwan; Ivanauskiene, Kristina; Spirkoski, Jane; Shah, Akshay; Vekterud, Kristin; Moskaug, Jan Øivind; Bøe, Stig Ove; Wong, Lee H.; Küntziger, Thomas M.; Collas, Philippe (2017). PML protein organizes heterochromatin domains where it regulates histone H3.3 deposition by ATRX/DAXX. Genome Research . Vol. 27.

Rønningen, Torunn; Shah, Akshay; Oldenburg, Anja; Vekterud, Kristin; Delbarre, Erwan; Moskaug, Jan Øivind; Collas, Philippe (2015). Prepatterning of differentiation-driven nuclear lamin A/C-associated chromatin domains by GlcNAcylated histone H2B. Genome Research . Vol. 25.

Lund, Eivind Gard; Collas, Philippe; Delbarre, Erwan (2015). Transcription outcome of promoters enriched in histone variant h3.3 defined by positioning of H3.3 and local chromatin marks. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications - BBRC . Vol. 460.

Ivanauskiene, Kristina; Delbarre, Erwan; McGhie, James; Küntziger, Thomas Michel; Wong, Lee-Jun C.; Collas, Philippe (2014). The PML-associated protein DEK regulates the balance of H3.3 loading on chromatin and is important for telomere integrity. Genome Research . Vol. 24.

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