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Janniche Elisabeth Broch Wilhelmsen

Janniche Elisabeth Broch Wilhelmsen

Research projects

Scientific publications

Lafton, Tove ; Wilhelmsen, Janniche Elisabeth Broch ; Holmarsdottir, Halla Bjørk (2024). Parental mediation and children’s digital well-being in family life in Norway. Journal of Children and Media.

Wilhelmsen, Janniche Elisabeth Broch ; Lafton, Tove (2024). Discourses and gender divides in children’s digital everyday lives. Holmarsdottir, Halla Bjørk; Seland, Idunn; Hyggen, Christer; Roth, Maria (Ed.). Understanding The Everyday Digital Lives of Children and Young People. p. 209-237. Springer Nature.

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