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Kjetil Wathne

Kjetil Wathne


Wathne, K. (Ph.D), leader of academic unit, is a medical anthropologist with research interests in childhood obesity, minority and health, culture of health and illness, social work, welfare, welfare encounters, and child welfare.

Current research projects:
* Immigrant women in workfare (diffuse health, communication in encounters)
* African children in Norwegian homes (intergenerational and intergrational issues with placement)
* Somali mothers in NAV (empowerment of low income families in multiple welfare fields)

Scientific publications

Wathne, Kjetil ; Kisuule, John David (2023). Not trustworthy. African parents’ perspectives on Norwegian child protection care measures. European Journal of Social Work.

Wathne, Kjetil (2021). ‘They said I wasn’t sick enough’: pain as negotiation in workfare. 14 p. Nordic Social Work Research. Vol. 13.

Wathne, Kjetil ; Mburu, Christina Brux ; Middelthon, Anne-Lise Orvin (2015). Obesity and minority—changing meanings of big bodies among young Pakistani obesity patients in Norway. Sport, Education and Society. Vol. 20.

Wathne, Kjetil (2011). Movement of large bodies impaired: the double burden of obesity: somatic and semiotic issues. Sport, Education and Society. Vol. 16.

Wathne, Kjetil (2011). Being Stout: on Health & Lifestyle-change. Tidsskrift for forskning i sygdom og samfund. Vol. 14.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete