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Kjetil Wathne

Kjetil Wathne


Wathne, K. (Ph.D), leader of academic unit, is a medical anthropologist with research interests in childhood obesity, minority and health, culture of health and illness, social work, welfare, welfare encounters, and child welfare.

Current research projects:
* Immigrant women in workfare (diffuse health, communication in encounters)
* African children in Norwegian homes (intergenerational and intergrational issues with placement)
* Somali mothers in NAV (empowerment of low income families in multiple welfare fields)

Scientific publications

Wathne, Kjetil (2021). ‘They said I wasn’t sick enough’: pain as negotiation in workfare. Nordic Social Work Research .

Wathne, Kjetil; Mburu, Christina Brux; Middelthon, Anne-Lise Orvin (2015). Obesity and minority—changing meanings of big bodies among young Pakistani obesity patients in Norway. Sport, Education and Society . Vol. 20.

Wathne, Kjetil (2011). Movement of large bodies impaired: the double burden of obesity: somatic and semiotic issues. Sport, Education and Society . Vol. 16.

Wathne, Kjetil (2011). Being Stout: on Health & Lifestyle-change. Tidsskrift for forskning i sygdom og samfund . Vol. 14.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete