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Linda Rennie

Linda Rennie

Scientific publications

Johansson, Hanna; Ekman, Urban; RENNIE, LINDA; Peterson, Daniel S.; Leavy, Breiffni; Franzen, Erika (2021). Dual-Task Effects During a Motor-Cognitive Task in Parkinson’s Disease: Patterns of Prioritization and the Influence of Cognitive Status. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair . Vol. 35.

Larsen, Kerstin Lundberg; Maalen-Johansen, Ingvild Koren; Rennie, Linda; Lidal, Ingeborg Beate (2020). Gait Function in Adults Aged 50 Years and Older With Spina Bifida. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation . Vol. 102.

Rennie, Linda; Opheim, Arve Isak; Dietrichs, Espen; Löfgren, Niklas; Franzèn, Erika (2020). Highly challenging balance and gait training for individuals with Parkinson’s disease improves pace, rhythm and variability domains of gait – A secondary analysis from a randomized controlled trial. Clinical Rehabilitation . Vol. 35.

Löfgren, Niklas; Conradsson, David; Rennie, Linda; Moe-Nilssen, Rolf; Franzèn, Erika (2019). The effects of integrated single- and dual-task training on automaticity and attention allocation in Parkinson's disease: A secondary analysis from a randomized trial. Neuropsychology . Vol. 33.

Gouelle, Arnaud; RENNIE, LINDA; Clark, Derek J.; Megrot, Fabrice; Balasubramanian, Chitralakshmi K (2018). Addressing limitations of the Gait Variability Index to enhance its applicability: The enhanced GVI (EGVI). PLOS ONE . Vol. 13.

RENNIE, LINDA; Löfgren, Niklas; Moe-Nilssen, Rolf; Opheim, Arve Isak; Dietrichs, Espen; Franzèn, Erika (2018). The reliability of gait variability measures for individuals with Parkinson's disease and healthy older adults ? The effect of gait speed. Gait & Posture . Vol. 62.

RENNIE, LINDA; Dietrichs, Espen; Moe-Nilssen, Rolf; Opheim, Arve Isak; Franzèn, Erika (2017). The validity of the Gait Variability Index for individuals with mild to moderate Parkinson's disease. Gait & Posture . Vol. 54.

Røislien, Jo; Skare, Øivind; Rennie, Linda; Opheim, Arve Isak (2012). Evaluating the properties of the coefficient of multiple correlation (CMC) for kinematic gait data. Journal of Biomechanics . Vol. 45.

Røislien, Jo; RENNIE, LINDA; Skaaret, Ingrid (2012). Functional limits of agreement: a method for assessing agreement between measurements of gait curves. Gait & Posture . Vol. 36.

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