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Parisa Gazerani

Parisa Gazerani

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Health   Pharmacology   Neuroscience   Neuropharmacology   Pain research   Translational medical research   Neuroscience


Denmark   Norway

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DosSantos, Marcos Fabio; Filha, Lionete Gall Acosta; Veríssimo, Carla P; Sanz, Carolina K; Gazerani, Parisa (2023). Presence of Small-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium (SK) Channels in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems and Their Role in Health and Disease. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience (JIN) . Vol. 22.

Graae Jensen, Per; Gundersen, Morten; Nilsen, Christian; Gundersen, Kjell Gunnar; Potvin, Rick; Gazerani, Parisa; Chen, Xiangjun; Utheim, Tor Paaske; Utheim, Øygunn Aass (2023). Prevalence of Dry Eye Disease Among Individuals Scheduled for Cataract Surgery in a Norwegian Cataract Clinic. Clinical Ophthalmology . Vol. 17.

Gazerani, Parisa (2023). Can venoms be used in neuroprotection?. Oliveira, Marcos (Ed.). Natural Molecules in Neuroprotection and Neurotoxicity. 6. Elsevier.

Gazerani, Parisa (2023). Vitamin D and migraine. Martin, Colin; Patel, Vinood; Preedy, Victor (Ed.). Vitamins and Minerals in Neurological Disorders. 20. Elsevier.

Gazerani, Parisa (2023). Human Brain Organoids in Migraine Research: Pathogenesis and Drug Development. International Journal of Molecular Sciences . Vol. 24.

Gazerani, Parisa (2023). Contribution of Central and Peripheral Glial Cells in the Development and Persistence of Itch: Therapeutic Implication of Glial Modulation. Neuroglia. Vol. 4.

Gazerani, Parisa (2022). How Does Botulinum Toxin Inhibit Itch?. Toxins . Vol. 14.

Pires Veríssimo, Carla; Filha, Lionete Gall Acosta; da Silva, Fábio Jorge Moreira; Westgarth, Harrison; Aguia, Juliana De Mattos Coelho; Pontes, Bruno; Moura-Neto, Vivaldo; Gazerani, Parisa; DosSantos, Marcos Fabio (2022). Short-Term Functional and Morphological Changes in the Primary Cultures of Trigeminal Ganglion Cells. Current Issues in Molecular Biology . Vol. 44.

Knudsen, Laust Vind; Gazerani, Parisa; Michel, Tanja Maria; Vafaee, Manouchehr Seyedi (2022). The role of multimodal MRI in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Neuroimaging (JON) . Vol. 32.

Gazerani, Parisa (2021). A link between migraine and prolactin: The way forward. 10 p. Future science OA . Vol. 7.

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