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Minna Pikkarainen

Minna Pikkarainen


Minna Pikkarainen works in Oslo Metropolitan University in the faculty of Health Sciences /Centre and Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) as a professor in Digitalisation of Healthcare Services. The aim of the work is to conduct research on the effects of digitalisation in health care services and health care professions.

Today we are experiencing a digital revolution. It has already affected medical work and health care in many ways such as processing data, diagnostics, spreading of information about medical diagnostics, assisted living technologies. As technology replace individual tasks and specialist knowledge is made more readily available, some health care work will be transformed radically, and new specialities will appear. In certain areas, technologies can replace humans, and in other cases man and technology can work together to solve problems neither would be able to do well separately. The focus of the professorship is on the consequences of digitalisation on health care services.

Research projects