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Jalo, Hoor; Seth, Mattias; Pikkarainen, Minna; Häggström, Ida; Jood, Katarina; Bakidou, Anna; Sjöqvist, Bengt Arne; Candefjord, Stefan (2023). Early identification and characterisation of stroke to support prehospital decision-making using artificial intelligence: a scoping review protocol. BMJ Open . Vol. 13.

Kemppainen, Laura; Pikkarainen, Minna; Koivumäki, Timo; Xu, Yueqiang (2022). Drivers for Platform Business Model Innovation: Individuals in Control over their Personal Data. Journal of Innovation Management . Vol. 10.

Pikkarainen, Minna; Kemppainen, Laura; Xu, Yueqiang; Jansson, Miia; Ahokangas, Petri; Koivumäki, Timo; Hong Gu, He; Francis Gomes, Julius (2022). Resource integration capabilities to enable platform complementarity in healthcare service ecosystem co-creation. Baltic Journal of Management . Vol. 17.

Wan, Su Wei; Chng, Yun Jia Devon; Lim, Siew Hoon; Chong, Choon Seng; Pikkarainen, Minna; He, Hong-Gu (2022). A systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of web-based psychosocial interventions among patients with colorectal cancer. Journal of Advanced Nursing .

Wan, Su Wei; Chong, Choon Seng; Jee, Xin Pei; Pikkarainen, Minna; He, Hong-Gu (2022). Perioperative experiences and needs of patients who undergo colorectal cancer surgery and their family caregivers: a qualitative study. Supportive Care in Cancer .

Wan, Su Wei; Chong, Choon Seng; Toh, Ee-Lin; Lim, Siew Hoon; Loi, Carol T.T.; Lew, Yuen Foong Henry; Chua, Matthew Chin Heng; Jee, Xin Pei; Liu, Guangyu; Zhu, Lixia; Pikkarainen, Minna; He, Hong-Gu (2021). A Theory-Based, Multidisciplinary Approach to Cocreate a Patient-Centric Digital Solution to Enhance Perioperative Health Outcomes among Colorectal Cancer Patients and Their Family Caregivers: Development and Evaluation Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research . Vol. 23.

Oh, Hui Xian; De Silva, Deidre Anne; Toh, Zheng An; Pikkarainen, Minna; Wu, Vivien Xi; He, Hong-Gu (2021). The effectiveness of self-management interventions with action-taking components in improving health-related outcomes for adult stroke survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Disability and Rehabilitation .

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