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Anne Catrine Trægde Martinsen

Anne Catrine Trægde Martinsen

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Matre, Martin; Johansen, Truls Sveløkken; Olsen, Alexander; Tornås, Sveinung; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde ; Lund, Anne ; Becker, Frank; Brunborg, Cathrine; Spikman, Joke; Ponsford, Jennie; Neumann, Dawn; McDonald, Skye; Løvstad, Marianne (2023). A protocol for the development and validation of a virtual reality-based clinical test of social cognition. 14 s. BMC Digital Health.

Henning, Mette Karen ; Aaløkken, Trond Mogens; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde ; Johansen, Safora (2023). The impact of body compositions on contrast medium enhancement in chest CT: a randomised controlled trial. BJR Open.

Nilsen, Helle Walseth; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde ; Johansen, Inger; Kirkevold, Marit ; Sunnerhagen, Katharina Stibrant; Becker, Frank (2023). Demographic, Medical, and Clinical Characteristics of a Population-Based Sample of Patients With Long-lasting Locked-In Syndrome. Neurology. Vol. 101.

Njølstad, Tormund; Schulz, Anselm; Jensen, Kristin; Kjernlie Andersen, Hilde; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde (2023). Improved image quality with deep learning reconstruction – a study on a semi-anthropomorphic upper-abdomen phantom. Research in Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging.

Hårsaker, Vanja ; Jensen, Kristin; Andersen, Hilde Kjernlie; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde (2021). Quantitative benchmarking of iodine imaging for two CT spectral imaging technologies: a phantom study. European Radiology Experimental. Vol. 5.

Njølstad, Tormund Salvesen; Schulz, Anselm; Godt, Johannes Jakob C; Brøgger, Helga Maria; Johansen, Cathrine Kiperberg; Andersen, Hilde Kjernlie; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde (2021). Improved image quality in abdominal computed tomography reconstructed with a novel Deep Learning Image Reconstruction technique - initial clinical experience. Acta Radiologica Open. Vol. 10.

Osadebey, Michael; Andersen, Hilde Kjernlie; Waaler, Dag; Fosså, Kristian; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde ; Pedersen, Marius (2021). Three-stage segmentation of lung region from CT images using deep neural networks. BMC Medical Imaging. Vol. 21.

Boasson Johansen, Cecilie; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde ; Enden, Tone Rønnaug; Svanteson, Mona (2021). The potential of iodinated contrast reduction in dual-energy CT thoracic angiography; an evaluation of image quality. Radiography.

Blakkisrud, Johan; Løndalen, Ayca; Dahle, Jostein; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde ; Kolstad, Arne; Stokke, Caroline (2021). Myelosuppression in patients treated with 177Lutetium-lilotomab satetraxetan can be predicted with absorbed dose to the red marrow as the only variable. Acta Oncologica. Vol. 60.

Godt, Johannes Jakob Clemens; Johansen, Cathrine K.; Martinsen, Anne Catrine Trægde ; Schulz, Anselm; Brøgger, Helga Maria; Jensen, Kristin; Stray-Pedersen, Arne; Dormagen, Johann Baptist (2021). Iterative reconstruction improves image quality and reduces radiation dose in trauma protocols; A human cadaver study. Acta Radiologica Open. Vol. 10.

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