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Maciej Liguzinski

Maciej Liguzinski


In my PhD research project, I analyse lending models for e-books and digital audiobooks at public libraries in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden within the context of cultural policy. My research interests include digital books, library and publishing studies, cultural policy research and sociology of literature.

Fields of study

Subject areas

Cultural policy   Library and information politics   Policy of literature   E-books


Norway   Sweden   Denmark

Research projects

  • Political Dynamics of the Cultural Sector (POLYCUL)

    This project depart from the hypothesis that explanations for developments in cultural policy, and in particular its failure to realize programmatic goals, are found in the dynamics of interest-based politics that at work in the cultural sector.

Scientific publications

Colbjørnsen, Terje ; Larsen, Håkon ; Tallerås, Kim ; Liguzinski, Maciej (2024). Extending the media welfare state: The role of libraries in the Nordic countries. Jakobsson, Peter; Lindell, Johan; Stiernstedt, Fredrik (Ed.). The Future of the Nordic Media Model: A digital media welfare state?. Nordicom.

Augustyn, Kamila; Liguzinski, Maciej ; Siwecka, Dorota (2024). Digital Books in Polish Public Libraries: Case Study of Partnership with the Commercial Distributor Legimi. Public Library Quarterly (PLQ).

Liguzinski, Maciej (2023). Forging a friction. The development of e-lending models and policy across Scandinavian public libraries. Nordic Journal of Library and Information Studies. Vol. 4.

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